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02.04.2019 to 03.04.2019  Deeksha Camp: The inauguration of Deeksha Camp began with lighting of the auspicious lamp by Swami Vimurtananda Maharaj, Sri. BakthaSwamigal, Sri. K. E. Srinivasan, Honorary Correspondent of VV PErambur, Smt. K. Sujatha-Principal, and Smt. M. P. Prasanna Lakshmi Vice pRincipal. Our Correspondent Seri. K. E Srinivasanji welcomed the gathering and presented a memento as token of love and appreciation to VimurthanandaMaharaj. Our Principal Smt. K. Sujatha presented a memento to BhakthavatsalaSwamigal. In his presidential address,  Swamiji defined the word Deekshanyam as focused attention (ie) The power to see, to understand and to grasp. He spoke to the children about the importance of chanting “OM”. OM comprises of 3 characters ah meaning avan, ooh meaning ullam, and ma meaning manadhil. It corresponds to Srishti, sthithi and pralayam. He told that Dee means giving and ksha means destroying. He advised the children to give up all the unwanted (negative) things and take all the good (positive) things. He inspired the children through two stories stressing on the power of concentration. He concluded by motivating the children to give something to get everything.

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